Free Copy of My Book for Reviewers on Booksprout!

If you’re interested in reading my novel, Still Water, I have a review campaign going on at Booksprout.

FOR READERS: this is FREE to join website and only requires that you leave a review in return for reading whatever books you choose from the website.

This is great for folks who don’t have a lot of spending money but are willing to put in a half hour of time after reading to say it how it is.

You can find my campaign here.

I pay to set up a campaign through their site, so the spending is on the author’s side.

It’s a win-win so far as I’m concerned! *smile*

If you are a close friend or family member, please don’t leave ME a review – it’s against Amazon’s Terms of Service. But you’re welcome to find author amazing authors you might want to read and review for.