Status of My Garden!

My garden has gone from empty black bags of dirt to a flourishing area where most of what I’m growing isn’t even weeds!  I’m amazed by how well it’s doing this year.

So, some photos!

First of all, my lettuces are doing amazing considering some bunnies nibbled them down to numbs.  The peas are doing well, and some of the swiss chard has even made a come back!


You can see I harvested some of the green onions.  I left the bases in the ground as an experiment… will they grow?  The carrots on the right are starting to perk up, and there are a few parsnips coming through on the left.

Cucumbers are the vine on the right and pumpkins on the left.  That tiny little tuft next to the pumpkins is actually watermelon finally breaking through.


Tomatoes!  There are tons of baby tomatoes here, and I have some onions growing in there too.


Beans!  This is where the baby bunnies were living.  You can see my trellis fell, and they started to climb it before I could fix it, so I left it where it is.DSCN2638

A shot from one end.  Nearest is potatoes, second is corn and zucchini, then tomatoes… you get the idea.  The big bin on the far end is grape tomatoes.DSCN2645

From the other directions!  Tomatoes is the near black bag, with my beans behind it.DSCN2655

Tomatoes!  With the bottle of my anti-rabbit spray in the front.


Potatoes!  I actually have five bags of these, and it’s about time to put more dirt in.  I can’t eat them on my diet (Keto), but my husband loves them.  The rocks to the left surround a single surviving currant bush.DSCN2644

Not pictured: my asparagus.  It hides in the corner and is all fluffy and stuff.

My husband REALLY did not like how I set things up when I was first working on it, but he says it’s very pretty and green now.

Just hoping to get lots of harvested plants!  *grin*