The Baby Bunny Saga Sadly Continues


(But, there’s still some cute to be had!)

Our baby bunnies have finally left their nest, and I’ve reclaimed my beans.  I’ve been seeing them dart into our bushes when I come out in the morning or arrive home in the afternoon.

And I have been faithfully spraying with my disgusting hot pepper spray.

It’s been windy enough that it often sprays me too! *cough snort cough*

But one of the baby bunnies hasn’t fared well.

My husband found him lying on the edge of the driveway and called me over to check on him.  I thought he might be alive at first, but he was only warm from the sun.  No sign of why he passed.

We moved him to our usual burial spot for the wee things that die around our house, and I was upset, but what can be done?

Bunnies are small and frail.

They die, even if it isn’t clear why.

But I do love seeing them dark under our evergreen bushes or sitting contemplating my lettuce.  In fact, the photo above was taken yesterday of one of the other baby bunnies nomming on the grass we had just mowed.  (We use an old fashioned reel mower.)


Let’s just say our relationship is complicated!