Taking Down the Mulberry Tree and Why My Neighbor Rocks


We have Very Little land to work with, and a good portion of it has been shaded by a mulberry tree.  We’ve talked about taking it down for years, but we don’t have the tools.

Well, when my husband mowed the back area down entirely, our neighbor came over and asked if we wanted him to take it down.  Of course, we said yes, but that was in June, and we hadn’t heard a peep since.

And then we came home to the picture above.  It really was a huge mess, and we grumbled and planned to chop up what we could before we left for the eclipse.

But then!

Our neighbor dropped by with the village dump truck and cleaned it up!  He works for the village, so he had access.  I brought cookies back to him, and he explained that he asked the power company to take the top part down, and he would clean up the rest for us.

I thanked him profusely, and I think I embarrassed him a little.

But now we have this!


All we have to do now is finish chopping it down!  *smile*  We have four tree stumps including it that we’re working on, so I’ll have to borrow my father-in-law’s chainsaw.

But there is SO MUCH open area there now!  I’m really happy with how this is shaping up.  I’ll try to get some photos of my garden soon so I can show that off too.  The tomatoes are running wild, and I can’t eat them as fast as they produce fruit.  They’re also taking over part of my driveway, the beans, and the cucumbers.  It’s amazing!

How is your garden going?  Is the weather treating you well?  We’ve had a bit of rain finally!