Taking That Next Big Step: A Content Editor

As a general rule, I try not to talk about writing on the blog because I know it’s incredibly boring for anyone who isn’t a writer.  And people who are writers.  And houseplants.  It can make most people either fall asleep or begin composing their grocery list in their head.

So, I generally avoid it.


I’m taking a huge-for-me step in the near future!

I’m currently revising Haughty and doing so with the help of Holly Lisle’s writing class.  I’m very much a plotter, so the logical way she breaks down revising (and the way it’s not as overwhelming) is a huge help.  I expect to finish right around Christmas or New Year’s.  So that’s a thing, and I think it will be vastly improved.

But here’s the thing.  I’ve decided to ACTUALLY QUERY.  You know, instead of sitting on a stack of completed novels until the day I die and they throw them on my funeral pyre.

But to do that, I have to have some idea of good/bad/horrific my writing is.  Let’s be realistic… I’m a writer so I’m neurotic and can’t fairly judge my own writing.  I want you to read it, but I think it’s the worst crap known to man.  Anyone I know who reads it says it’s good, but I CAN’T BELIEVE THEM.  They must be lying or confused or read a different book.

So, I’ve decided to take that next big step and hire a content editor.  I really need someone to look over my best novel and tell me how bad it is (and suggest how I can fix it).  I’m really excited about this and also cringing.

I’m looking at ~$3000 in developmental editing.

Hurts, right?  And their rates are actually very reasonable.  So I’ll be living tight for the next six months while I try to get that together.

These may not seem like big steps to you, but they’re huge to me!  And I just wanted to say I’m putting myself out there in prepartion for REALLY putting myself out there.

Go me?

What stage is your writing at?  Do you have a non-biased person you can go to who is willing to evaluate your writing?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*