Bad Things Come in Threes #3

(And #3.5)

This one isn’t as bad, but it is hugely frustrating.

I have student loans, and they’re in a ten year forgiveness program for state employees, which is great, but they didn’t tell me I needed to file our taxes separately.

So it’s increasing to the tune of $380 more.

Not even kidding.

We can just barely fit that into the budget if we cancel all of my subscriptions and don’t spend any money.  Our groceries are already down to $220 a month for the two of us.  There isn’t anything else to cut.

So instead of paying extra on our debts as we have been, we’re stuck with no extra money at all.  And what makes it hugely frustrating is that we’ve been trying to build a car replacement fund since my husband’s car is on it’s last leg.

Nope.  Not anymore.


And for #3.5, our rice maker broke literally minutes after I explained the situation to my husband.  The thing he eats most often is rice, often in large amounts.


How have you dealt with situations like this?  Do you have any advice?