Snow Day!

Friday was a snow day!

I had talked with my boss about the winter storm that was moving in, and I was concerned about the drive… especially if my husband wouldn’t drive me in.

I got up at my usual time *coughfiveamcough* and took a look outside.  They had run the plows at least once during the night so there was ONLY four inches of unplowed snow on the road with ruts from cars going through.  I stuck my nose outside, and it was all fluff, so that’s not so bad, right?

I got ready for work, but I sent emails that I didn’t plan to come in just in case… it’s better for them to not expect you and then come through anyway as far as I’m concerned.

I usually leave at 6:15am for a 45 minute drive (in good weather) to work so I can get there about 7am.

They didn’t plow until 6:30am.   At this point I had woken my husband and was getting him moving, but he would take at least an hour to get ready.  So I’d be late – I called and rescheduled my one appointment for the day, then emailed my supervisor so she could smooth over that change so it wouldn’t affect that person’s eligibility.

7:30am.  He’s finally ready, but insists I check to see if all the schools were closed.  We rent space in a tech college, so it was possible it was closed and it’s moot point anyway.

8:00am inconclusive.  All of the K12 schools were closed and SOME tech schools were closed, but ours hasn’t said.  At this point my husband has gone outside and is shoveling like mad.

8:30am husband insists on finishing shoveling.  I get a shovel and try to very carefully help.  I don’t need another herniated disc!

8:45am our neighbor two houses down takes pity on us and runs his snow blower down our driveway and clears things out for us!

9:00am inside, catching our breath.  At this point I’m sweaty and need to change out of my work clothes to fresh work clothes (that was a mistake!  D’oh!) and you know what?  I’m not going in.  I’m exhausted.

9:15am concerns about my parents’ ability to shovel this much arise.

9:30am we drive the scant four miles to my parents and start shoveling there!

11:00am I have given up shoveling and am shivering in front of the fire.  My husband is finishing up.

11:05am Nap-o-clock.

So I didn’t work Friday… but I totally worked a ton Friday!

How did this weather system treat you?  We had 8 inches!  Did you get a snow day?  What’s your preferred snow clearing method?  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. I have a wonderful son-in-law and daughter who came over Friday and helped shovel our house out. The back deck wasn’t shoveled with the last snowfall so it was at least 10-13 inches of snow or more back there to be shoveled and I wasn’t looking forward to doing that Friday. Then my son-in-law showed up and went to work. How wonderful. He did a great job. While that was going on my daughter and I puttered at the rest of the decks and made sure everything was ready for the snowblower to finish the driveway. Space was made for the birds to eat their meals without diving through 8 inches of fresh snow. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. When they showed up the driveway was without any tracks from a vehicle but our van was gone. The kids were surprised and wondered how the van got out of the driveway without leaving any tracks. They forgot we have a second driveway and the van was parked there last night and when my husband went to work it looked like he just vanished. Nice having a second driveway for when
    company comes.

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