Finding Your Voice: Practice 03

Second practice from the Finding Your Voice class I bought from Holly Lisle.  This is not an affiliate link, although if you decide you want to buy a class from her, you can contact me, and I’ll set on up so we both benefit.  *smile*

I only wanted to be first.  I didn’t intend to cause such trouble.  I just wanted a chance to be first in something for once.

I was never first.

Not like Mother’s favorite little boy.  He was always first.  He always had the trophies, the grades, the girls on each arm.

He was always first.

Until he wasn’t.

Unless he was.  First to the grave, hidden and deep, far beyond where Mother looked.  With him gone, I could be first.


But I wasn’t.

The trophies went to others.  My grades suffered as I fretted about him being found.

And the girls?

They found new arms to cling to, none of them mine.

And Mother never stopped looking.

Even missing, even in his absence, he was first  in her eyes, first in her heart.

So I went out, and I found him deep in the woods and stinking of rot.  I was first, you see, to find him.

And I was the first the police questioned.

The first one they suspected.

First to cuff.

First to charge.

First to jail.

And I was finally, finally first.