What My Husband Is Playing: Elite Dangerous

Just because this game has SO MUCH eye candy, I’m letting you all know what my husband is playing.

The game is Elite Dangerous on PS4, and it is PRETTY.  It’s a space exploration game that’s fairly geeky, and the graphics are amazing.

The inside of your ship with what I think is a Red Dwarf:

Elite Dangerous_20180322175241

Another inside of the ship shot!  This is the main star in Altair?

Elite Dangerous_20180322183226

A close up of a planet’s ring…

Elite Dangerous_20180323003525

You can drive vehicles too!

Elite Dangerous_20180323011338

Isn’t it lovely?

Elite Dangerous_20180324123255

Now, my husband is playing offline because we’re careful about what subscriptions we have, and he doesn’t play PS4 enough to warrant a subscription, but he’s loving it all the same.  He says it’s like playing an MMORPG by yourself.  (As is possible in Guild Wars I, which he loved.)

But doesn’t that look intriguing?  I’m not interested enough to play myself, but I like watching him play.

What games are you into recently?  Do you enjoy geeky space games?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*