Finding Your Voice: Practice 07

Second practice from the Finding Your Voice class I bought from Holly Lisle.  This is not an affiliate link, although if you decide you want to buy a class from her, you can contact me, and I’ll set on up so we both benefit.  *smile*

She thought she ought to move, but the sun soaked into her skin, and the rocking of the ocean made her sleepy.  Salt crusted her cheek, and she could feel it scraping against the warm shell beneath her.  Her feet just barely dangled into the water, toes leaving ripples in their wake.

Now and then a bit of sea water would splash her, cresting past the turtle’s head, but really it was the ocean, her, and her rescuer, alone.

She was thirsty, a desperately dull feeling that she could never do anything to alleviate, and so she endured, moving little, wishing much.

Wishing her little skiff hadn’t wandered so far to sea.

Wishing she hadn’t passed into the forbidden waters.

Wishing she were home.

But mostly she just lay and watched the sky through eyes slitted against the glare.

Where was she going?  No way to know.  Why did it matter?

It didn’t.  She would die where she lay, carried against the currents to parts unknown.  Surrounded by water and endlessly thirsting.

She imagined, blearily, that she could hear the massive beast’s heart, beneath the lapping of waves.

She imagined the shadows of birds, darting here and there.  Swooping down, down, down close enough that she could see their bright little eyes.

She imagined the first peck, a bright spark of pain, was nothing.

And when the turtle dragged itself onto the beach, she imagined she was still alive.