How Did You Not Know About: The SCA

I was helping out at an event this week, and I met someone new and interesting.  It turns out she’s a history buff, loves sewing her own period clothes, loves calligraphy and learning how they did it back in the day, and spins as a hobby.

“Oh, so you’re in the SCA,” I said.

“What’s that?”

HOW IS SHE NOT ALREADY IN THE SCA?!?  (Society for Creative Anachronism)

I friended her on Facebook and messaged her links to our local Barony and the SCA in general as well as the link to our calendar so she can see what events are coming up.

She’s never heard of the SCA!  I mean, I hadn’t until I met my ex, but still.  I wasn’t as much of a good fit as she is, and I really enjoyed learning new skills.  I didn’t care for dressing up or events, but I loved the little get togethers where you could learn fletching or spinning or some such.

I describe the SCA like this: At a Renaissance Faire you drink beer.  In the SCA you learn to make beer.

I’m not active currently because I live so far from a major city, but I’m still enjoying spinning and such.  And some of the very best (And smartest!) friends I’ve ever made were through the SCA.

So I’m hoping she reaches out to them, because I think she would really enjoy it!

Have you heard of the SCA?  If you have, are you active?  What period is your persona?  If you hadn’t heard of them, do you think you’d like to learn more?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*