Unseasonably Late Snow

Well, I didn’t take any pictures, but it snowed last Wednesday.

April 18th.

The busy season has started for my husband and dad, and they have NEVER attended their meetings with snow on the ground.

Kind of crazy, right?

We went to Madison for an appointment, and it was cloudy and dim on the way in.  My appointment was an hour, but I was nervous about the weather, so I cut it short at 45 minutes.

When I got out it was sleeting.

We did grocery shop (we do most of our grocery shopping in one big trip once a month in Madison because the prices are SO much cheaper there and the variety much better), but they we headed home.

The dog just went to sleep in the back seat, no worries, but it was a tense ride home.  We were doing okay, but the drivers around us either went so slow it was ridiculous (25 mph?!?) or appeared incapable of staying in their lane and slid everywhere while changing up speeds.

I mean, it was JUST at the edge of freezing and we were switching from ice to slush by the mile, but even with it dragging at our tires my husband had no problems staying in his lane.

So it was tense, but most of it was trying to not get hit.  Once we got far enough from Madison that there wasn’t much traffic we were fine.

And it was pretty, but I was a bit pouty since I had intended to work in my garden.

I’m HOPING that this is the last major snow for the season… I’ve had about enough of it.

Do you like snow?  What’s your favorite season?  Do you do the shoveling or does someone else in your household?  With my back injury, I don’t do any shoveling, and my husband is kind enough to do that… and to shovel the sidewalks for our neighbors on both sides.

On one side, there was a tragic fire, and there’s no house there now.  He shovels that so the surviving family doesn’t have to return there.  On the other side, our neighbor died in a work accident, and my husband shovels their sidewalk for the same reason.

Kind of him, but it does take him a long time, and he grumps a little.  But I don’t prompt him to do it, and I’d rather consider his actions than his words.  *Smile*