What, You Don’t Do This Too?

So, I’ve been following Flylady, and this has both made my house MUCH cleaner… and cracked my husband up a few times.

I’ve ordered a few items from her site, namely a feather duster (ostrich feathers!) and an extra large mop.  Oh, and a toilet scrubby, and a few cleaning cloths.  Most of it was on sale, fortunately.  Please  note that these are NOT affiliate links.

This has prompted a ridiculous level of cleaning.  First, I dusted ALL THE THINGS, to the point that we were gasping and wheezing and coughing.  I had… never dusted our house.  **shifty eyes**  We moved here in 2013.  It was BAD.  I was sneezing so much that my husband laughed at me.

And then the mop came in the mail, and I just could not resist.  I mopped ALL THE THINGS.  And it was so easy to use!  Literally, you just spray it down in the sink to get the dirt out.  I was amazed, and the dog was terrorized.

Then I focused on the toilet.  It was GROSS.  We swish it out regularly, but my husband’s gut issues make stuff grow in there like crazy, and we have no explanation why.  I’ve never run into this problem before.  Add to that the fact that we have hard water, and you can imagine what it looked like.

I did not take photos.  You can thank me later.

Anywho, the toilet scrubby thing (Flylady calls it a Rubba Swisha) cleaned the easy stuff but didn’t affect the foul black parts.  I’ve been at a loss for how to deal with them.  Bleach improved the smell but didn’t help.  Chemicals of various cleaning sorts didn’t help.

And then my husband read me a funny story about a guy and how his family had a poop knife for chopping things up so the toilet would flush.  Oh, ha, ha, wasn’t that so funny?

And I thought to myself ‘would that work for breaking off the calcium?’

And the answer is YES, YES IT DOES.  I labeled the butter knife with black sharpie, and it’s the only knife of that style we have, and I applied it with vigor to our now much better looking toilet.   It left metal marks, but whatever.  Those don’t look nearly as bad.   Then I bought a green scouring pad and gloves and cleaned it until my hand literally swelled enough that I had to take my braces off before they got stuck on.

It’s not done, but it’s better.

And here’s the funny one.  See, FlyLady has a thing where she’s like ‘you’re already in the shower, why not clean it?’, and I thought that was a great idea.  I asked my husband for a (NOT TOILET USED) scouring pad and was scrubbing away in the shower with the water pouring on everything when my husband came to ask me a question.

He cracked the curtain open.

I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the lower wall and looked up.

He started laughing and threatened to tell my parents.  (Spoiler: I told them first so he couldn’t embarrass me.)  I guess it looked pretty ridiculous.

And the shower isn’t all the way clean, but it looks better!  *smile*

What is the status of your house?  How often do you clean? Do you have any silly cleaning habits?  Inquiring minds want to know (that I’m not the only one)!  *smile*