GreenStalk Plans and Stickers!

First of all, this was an APPROVED purchase. The husband APPROVED my purchase of more planters before I bought them. Anyway, there are seven of them waiting to be filled with dirt and planted. There are seven of them there... five of the originals and two leafs. And I have duplicates of some of the … Continue reading GreenStalk Plans and Stickers!

Is it Spring?

We've had some crazy weather lately. Our last frost is supposed to be ~April 28th, but we have had two frosts since, one LAST WEEK. Wisconsin, we need to discuss your weather. It's lovely out today though, and I slept in. I had the window open and the fan blowing nice warm air in, and … Continue reading Is it Spring?

Cherry Blossoms!

My garden isn't exactly Japan, but my cherry bushes have started blooming! They run the entire length of the garage, and there are a LOT of buds just waiting to blossom. I tried to get a good picture: A close up: So promising! Come on, spring! I can't wait!