Baker Creek Order!

If you know me, you know I love ordering from Baker Creek (, and I have a brand new order for the spring! Corn that isn't sweet corn and can be ground into flour. For dry bean use, and I'm going to try planting some pinto beans too. Amaranth! And this time I'll try to … Continue reading Baker Creek Order!

Is it Spring?

We've had some crazy weather lately. Our last frost is supposed to be ~April 28th, but we have had two frosts since, one LAST WEEK. Wisconsin, we need to discuss your weather. It's lovely out today though, and I slept in. I had the window open and the fan blowing nice warm air in, and … Continue reading Is it Spring?

Cherry Blossoms!

My garden isn't exactly Japan, but my cherry bushes have started blooming! They run the entire length of the garage, and there are a LOT of buds just waiting to blossom. I tried to get a good picture: A close up: So promising! Come on, spring! I can't wait!