Yes, I Know It’s Likely To Die

… but I planted a bunch of stuff in my garden since my planting schedule said it was time.  So it’s picture time!

Our Chives:


They are a little frost burned from the snow but not badly.

Bed #1 with two types of seeded onions and some leeks:


My trellis:


I ran out of garden money, so this is kind of makeshift.  I’ll let you know how it works.

Bed #2 with two types of peas:


Remember I’ll be succession planting this year.

Bed #3 with Spinach and Collard Greens:


What do you even do with collard greens?  I’ve only ever heard of them, but they looked intriguing so I bought some.

Bed #4 with Asparagus and Strawberries:


I also have seeds to put in this bed, but I couldn’t resist buying some plants.  And, yes, I know I already have an asparagus patch.  Also, these are probably not good companion plants but, eh.  I don’t have enough beds yet to be picky.

Bed #5 with Raspberry, Blackberry, and Blue Berries:


The blueberries probably don’t have the right soil acidity, because I remember they needed something special, but whatever.  The raspberry is Harvest Gold if I remember it correctly, and will be yellow.  The blackberry is thornless.  The raspberry was just a stick with one root attached, and the blackberry was way too enthusiastic and growing with a ton of roots and leaves and stuff.


We know which one will survive, because Murphy is SO MEAN.

Yes, I know they will cross pollinate and make all sorts of ridiculous hybrid babies.  I just couldn’t resist, and I was out of beds!

A general shot of the area.  Each bed leaves enough room on three sides for me to sit comfortably.


Oh, and we have apple trees and apricot trees in the backyard, but they’re not doing much yet.  Hopefully the winter didn’t kill them.


How is your garden going?  Do you expect to lose much to upcoming frosts or snow?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*