Let’s Celebrate!

We had a fun Friday!

My cousin got married, and while we weren’t invited to the wedding (very small), we were invited to the reception immediately after.  I left work early so we could get there in time.

And all of our relatives were there!  This was the first time we’ve all been together since my birthday a few years ago.  I actually only spoke in passing to the cousin and not at all to her new husband.  Instead my husband and I hung out and drank with our relatives and had a lot of fun.

It was a live band, and they were ridiculously loud.  The lead singer was an alto though, so she was nice to listen to even though she was loud, and they played a lot of familiar songs, not just new ones.

At once point my (sober) uncle fell out of his chair – it was on a slope and slowly folded shut, dumping him out of it.  Which we found hilarious of course.

There was a wet bar, and I had nothing but Amaretto Stone Sours spaced with water, and they were delicious.  It’s rare that I drink anything nice.  I mostly stick to cider or screwdrivers and sometimes vodka in root beer soda.

But it was a ton of fun!  We got to see everyone, which was especially nice since several relatives are older and ill, so we got to build new memories.

The drive home was very foggy, and unbeknownst to us my parents’ car broke down.  But they didn’t call us, so we had no idea.  Instead they limped it to the shop and had my brother drive them home.

It was a good night, and I took a ton of pictures – but I can’t put them here.

Here’s to a loving marriage for my cousin!  *smile*