Our Yearly Visit to the Apple Orchards

We drove to the apple orchards for our yearly visit!  We intend to go again with one of my husband’s friends, but I simply COULD NOT WAIT any longer.  I brought my camera but the batteries were no good, so no photos of the trip itself, just what we picked up.

We drove through some of the areas that flooded, and the climb up the hill past Gays Mills was particularly impressive.  Part of the hill had slid/washed out, and a 3rd of the road was just gone!  It was all blocked off, but I took a good long look at that.  I hope no one was hurt!

We always go to Flemings’ Orchard.  It’s a little quieter than the others, and we really like the little old woman who runs it.  She has a sweet tempered German Shepard who wanders around and greets customers.

I picked up caramel apples for me and mom (she and dad couldn’t come because of the new dog… he can’t be left alone yet), apples for my husband and dad, and some small things for my husband.  A honey bear of Kickapoo honey, creamed honey in a little tub also from the Kickapoo area, and two maple sugar candies for him.  Some cider for me!

I love that we can get this stuff locally… he’s allergic to corn, and SO MANY cheap honeys and maple syrups are cut with corn syrup, but these local brands we’ve tried don’t make him sick and are delicious.  I didn’t get maple syrup this year – it was out of budget this time, but we’ll be going back in a few weeks.

Here’s a photo of a few of them:DSCN3407

Tundra went with us, of course.  He goes with us everywhere!  And it was lovely, sunny and a mix of cool air from the valleys and shade and warm air and wind from the ridges.  So it was a lot of fun!

Fall is my favorite time of year, and it’s only more so because my husband’s birthday is coming, AND it will be our wedding anniversary soon!  October 5th is OUR day, and it’s a Friday so we might go out to eat together.  *smile*

What local events and harvests do you enjoy going to?  Are there orchards near you?  What is your favorite season?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*