Need to Buy a Mattress

Our mattress has reached the point that it’s extremely painful to sleep on it, despite rotating it, so I’m going to have to look at getting a new mattress.

Our range is $250-$350 (I know!) and we wanted to get one of the foam ones off of Amazon.  Does anyone here have experience with them?  So, I’ve ordered one, and I’ll review it I think when I get it and again after a year.

No affiliate links, no sponsors.

I’ve gone through reviews, and it’s such a subjective subject.  On top of that, so many people have affiliate links or are sponsored… I ignore sponsored reviews, but affiliate links are more iffy.  They could be legit, you know?

So I’ll review with neither.

What have you done for buying a mattress?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Need to Buy a Mattress

  1. My last one, I considered, and decided a used-but-quality mattress was a good choice.
    But I think sometime soonish, I’m going to try a new-but-cheap mattress, I thing something firmer will help my back/posture problems, and one that isn’t broken in will be better. (and really, for $200, if I have to replace it every 2-3 years? that’s fine.)

    1. That’s what I thought with this one… $279, if it lasts three years it’s a success. Our last mattress was the only new one we had ever bought, and it was $500 and lasted ~5 years so… $100 a year is reasonable I think. *smile*

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