First Snow and a New Coat

We went to a funeral this last Saturday, and on the way we went from about 45 degrees to freezing and extremely windy aaaaand… first snow!

It didn’t stick of course, but I got a good picture:


It had snowed for maybe 10 minutes in Dodgeville while I was there on October 11th, but this was much more prolonged, maybe an hour and some in duration?  Everything melted as soon as it hit the ground, but it’s getting to be that time of year!

And, silly me, I had put on slip on shoes because it wasn’t very cold when I left… with no socks.

I had to stop and buy some exotic Viroqua Walmart socks for the funeral so I wouldn’t freeze!

The sermon was very short, which was kind of the pastor because we were all half frozen – except for me!  Last winter’s coat bit the dust in the last few weeks of last winter… literally falling apart on me.

I looked up the brand thinking that I wanted another one just like it and it turned out to be an expensive Japanese fashion brand.  Yeah, can’t afford that and also, how did it get into a thrift store in Wisconsin?  That’s where we bought it!

But I wanted something seriously winter rated, and I ended up going with this one.  It’s ranked down to -34 degrees Fahrenheit, and it came in green and black!  And it was 40 percent off.  I didn’t plan that… it just happened to be when I decided to buy a coat.  No, not an affiliate link, no not sponsored.

But it’s SO CUTE!


And the hood is really deep:


It was really hard to get a picture of how deep the hood was.

So while we were standing in the cemetery, the only things cold on me were my nose, the tips of my fingers, and the back of my heels (because slip on shoes).

We went out to lunch after, and of course I christened the coat by spilling ice cream on it.  *smile*

So Saturday was a busy day.

My husband and I didn’t personally know the person who passed, but he had reached out when my aunt had her stroke and made room in his life to care for her during her recovery and the last two years of her life.  She had a crush on him when she was young, and she seemed very happy to be living with him.

So, we wanted to respect that he had cared for her when she needed help most, and we attended the funeral. His family was there, and he was interred right next to my aunt.

So here’s to him, and his kindness!

Has it snowed where you are yet?  Do you think it will be a snowy winter?  I’m suspecting it will be, and that’s not a bad thing. *smile*