October Wedding!

My husband and I attended a wedding this last weekend for his cousin, and I’m so happy that she’s happy!  She’s made some major changes in her life, all self motivated, and I’ve been really impressed with the hard work she put in and her results.

It turns out the guy she found actually went to High School with her and is in some of her photos!  But they didn’t know each other then.  Small world, right?

And OF COURSE I forgot her wedding present!  I was so mad at myself, so now we have to mail it.

It was a windy October day, and it was an outdoor wedding – we couldn’t hear what anyone was saying, but everyone was smiling and there was a kiss at the end, so success?  *wink*

One of my high school classmates was there.  I married into my husband’s/his cousin’s family, and she married into the fiance’s family, so we’re shirttail relatives, maybe?  It was nice to talk to her.  I haven’t seen her since a funeral we attended in four or five years ago.  Again, small world, right?

And I brought my camera, but did I remember to take photos?  No, of course not.  Not until we were on the way out and I saw some cranes up close.

So here are some cranes!


And the second crane:


And that’s the last wedding for the year!

Have you run into Small World Syndrome?  Do you run into people you know at the oddest of occasions?  I lived in Madison for years, and I was forever running into people I knew, everywhere I went, even though it’s not a small city!  What’s the strangest run in you’ve had?  Inquiring minds want to know!