So Let’s Talk About Keto


See this?  This was me for the last two weeks.  That’s an ice cream bowl.  (And Tundra, who just seems to know when you’re unhappy and comes and cuddles.)  Ice cream for the sad, reading for the escape.

I had a rough bit after my Grandpa died, and I wanted nothing more than to eat ice cream and chips and wail at my husband.  (Who provides amazing hugs, by the way.)  I hadn’t expected it to hurt so much.  So I just ate whatever for two weeks or so.

And then I got on the scale.


I had gained close to 20 pounds, and my weight was not good to start out with.

All because I had gotten sloppy and dropped off Keto, ate wheat for my allergy test, and now desperately wanted comfort food.

Yeah, no.  This can’t stand.

It’s bad for my back, for my joints, everything.  It makes me hate myself, hate how I look, and feel like my husband can find someone better.  This is all me… my husband is amazing and thinks I’m silly for stressing about him leaving.

But it’s not cool to have these fears.

Not cool at all.

So now I’m focusing on Keto Only, Keto All the Time.  I did have a good experience with this way of eating before – it increased my energy, dropped my hunger, stopped my binging, and I dropped a fair amount of weight.

And here’s an interesting article.  It’s in translation, but for weight loss Sweden has declared low carb, high fat is the way to go.

Which is amazing, because then I can point to the fact that Keto is more formally supported as a legitimate way to eat, not just a fad.  I’ve studied this diet, found GOOD resources for it, that are consistent and make sense.  Robyn Davis’s Facebook groups, and Maria Emmerich’s Keto recipe books come to mind.

So, I’m drawing the line here.  300 lbs.  I’m 5′ 9″, and a healthy weight for me would be between 145 and 175.

I have struggled with eating while depressed ever since I became Bipolar I.  I’ve struggled with weight gain from medications, and exhaustion from those same medications.  I drink SO MUCH caffeine just to stay awake so I can work and spend time with my husband and LIVE.

I can’t change the medications.

But I can change what I eat.

So, here goes!

5 thoughts on “So Let’s Talk About Keto

  1. wordpress ate my reply cuz i lost my password.
    I went keto about a month ago..and I’m up 4 lbs, my heaviest EVER.
    If I were someone else, I’d assume that meant keto sucked, but I’ve done it before with great results.
    But I bake, it’s a hobby, a habit, a crutch.
    So, I’m restarting, more veggies, less baking. 🙁

    1. Are you tracking or doing dirty Keto? I’ve had the best results with a nothing but meat Keto, but it’s expensive and I like trying new recipes. 🙂

      1. “dirty” I guess. I probably will have to track. 🙁
        my stomach also kinda freaked out, I’m back on zantac twice/day. 🙁

  2. oh, I just googled “Dirty keto” and apparently it has to do with junk food and fast food? so, not that! just not counting.

  3. Counting will help. I’m sort of doing ‘dirty’ Keto? I’m not tracking, and if I’m not 100% perfect I’m not beating myself up. I’d rather social situations run smoothly… I don’t want to preach Keto, you know? Be THAT person lecturing everyone else. And sometimes turning down food can be… but I’m sticking entirely to it when I’m on my own. *smile*

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