Making Our Own Dog Food?

Up until now, the dog food brand we’ve been giving our puppers had avoided any of the hugely public lawsuits or failed testing.

But… that’s no longer true.  There’s a lawsuit regarding ridiculously high levels of lead in that dog food, and we’re worried.

There just isn’t very much regulation in the dog food industry, not like there is for people food.

So now we’re tossing around the idea of starting to make his dog food from scratch.

We found a variety of recipes, which seems promising, but it’s been difficult to find something really good.  Either the person who posts a recipe has no idea what a dog should be eating to be healthy, they supplement with EVERYTHING, or they’re so far out there in Health Loonville that I can’t trust anything they say.

I’m not one of those all natural types… I don’t worry so much about our food supply and such, but what is going on with the dog food?  Dogs are dying, nearly every brand has lawsuits, the works.

We’ll give it a try just because searching dog foods didn’t stir up an reasonable brands that DON’T have major lawsuits AND can be bought locally.

I’m working on a crock pot recipe today, so I’ll have to let you know how he likes it!

Do you cook for your dog?  What is your reasoning for why?  What recipes do you use?  Inquiring minds want to know!