This Car is Cursed

My car started making a noise up in the front left, kind of a scraping rumble, and it was getting louder, so we brought it into the shop.

It turned out to be a wheel bearing, which they repaired, and they warned us the second on in the front would fail eventually.


This car is an endless sea of repairs, and what really aggravates me is that if ANY of the prior owners had been responsible and done maintenance repairs instead of just passing the car onto the next person so much of this wouldn’t have been our problem.

And that includes a used car dealer that had it before the couple I bought it from.  IT WASN’T ROAD SAFE.  Our repair shop has never told us that a repair was required before it left the lot under it’s own power until this car.  They flat out said either I would have to tow it out (if I wasn’t doing the repairs) or I would have to repair it because it was unsafe.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like my car, but the repairs are really beating us up.

We’ll get ahead of them, eventually, but for right now…

It sucks.

2 thoughts on “This Car is Cursed

  1. Sounds like you got a lemon, if you have put more into repairs then what you paid for it, it might be time to sell it and buy something else.

    1. It’s not a lemon – it wasn’t maintained, and instead of repairing things people just kept selling the car on. So we landed them.

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