I Have a Jungle in My Closet

My plants have been growing like crazy, and I have some photos for you all!

Now, keep in  mind that this is the first time I’ve ever done seed starts, so I’m not that great at it.

Here are the largest of my plants, the tomatoes and basil.  I’ve already moved them into slightly larger containers.  I keep turning them, and they’re growing pretty scraggly, but I intend to bury them pretty deep when I plant them.

And, yes, that’s a lunch tray.  I’m pretty sure it was stolen from the dorms at UW Madison, but I don’t really know – it was in the stuff I inherited from roomies moving out.


More tomatoes and basil.  Spray bottle for seeds, watering can for larger plants:


In this one, the largest items are a Basil that I got as a freebie for buying so many seeds:


There are tomatoes there too, a different type that was a freebie, and some peppers that were freebies.

Oregano, thyme, cilantro, coriander, sage, chives, all of them really leggy.  And my most recent planting:


I’m also growing a variety of mints, and I ordered mints from Burpee, along with a coffee plant.  If all goes will it will be a mint extravaganza!  I have just seeded for lemon mint, have rose mint (next to the basil in picture three), apple mint which didn’t grow well and I will reseed, and the plants I ordered – pineapple mint, orange mint, chocolate mint, ginger mint, peppermint, and spearmint.

I want to take one of my raised beds and making it nothing but mint and let it grow there – it won’t be easy for it to spread with just matting below the bed, and I loooove mint.  It’s my all time favorite scent and flavor.

So, it isn’t perfect, but I’m trying!  What do you intend to plant this year?  Are you seeding as well?  Do you have any advice?  Inquiring minds want to know!

5 thoughts on “I Have a Jungle in My Closet

  1. A friend gave me some tomato plants that were growing from seed in her garden last fall. I have three of those plants that have been growing this winter. I didn’t think any would make it. The planter she gave me must have had twenty tomato plants in it. I have 3 three foot leggy tomato plants in my window.

  2. All your seedlings look like they are doing great! Everything looks so green and healthy. Don’t forget to “thin” them out when you transplant them. That just means pinching out the shortest, least healthy ones. That gives the strongest and tallest ones more room and nutrients to grow. Looking forward to seeing your mint bed, I’m a huge fan of the flavor too! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I haven’t done a lot of thinning, both because this is my first year planting under a grow light, and because I feel SO GUILTY for killing the little plants!

      Mint is SO GOOD. I like to make sun tea with lipton and a tea ball of mint leaves! 🙂

      1. Lol, the guilt is SO enormous when thinning time comes! I totally feel you on that! They end up all feeling like your little plant babies, you hate to part with any of them.

        I was just ripping off leaves and chewing on them, i never thought to make tea! So smart, thanks for the inspiration!

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