Oh, Dentistry, Why Are You SO Cruel

I had a dentist appointment this last week, and I warned the dentist that, having EDS, it would be hard to numb me and it was likely to wear off early.

She believed me, and started me on the middle grade stuff.

Sounds good, right?



It took ELEVEN shots to numb my face enough for working on my teeth, and that was only because I didn’t tell her that it still hurt.  AND she had climbed to the heavy duty stuff to get that much done.

So that was awful.

And then, just to spite me, it kicked in after we were done, and my face was still numb six hours later when I went to bed.


So, the plan for next time is to arrive early for the injections just so it doesn’t take longer than my appointment again.

But I definitely didn’t like it.  I pulled a muscle in my shoulder I was so tense.

So that’s my gripe for the day.  Have you had a lot of dental work.  How did that go for you?  Inquiring minds want to know!