Meet Andrew, Our Grill

It’s FINALLY warm enough that we can grill out!  Normally we would be going to our in-laws to grill, but my mother-in-law is unavailable, and they are both in Madison.

So we dragged out our grill, Andrew.

Why does our grill have a name?

Well, Andrew was abandoned in a park in Madison a few years ago, and the staff gave the person who owned it a week to come and pick it up before they trashed it.  Which is pretty generous considering park rules are that you had to remove your grills within 24 hours.

My father-in-law sweet talked his way into getting it, and he brought it home for my husband and I.

And when my father-in-law opened it, there was a sad little note:

“Please don’t take my grill.  Andrew”

So obviously the grill’s name is now Andrew.

But it was nice out, and I bought a grill chimney like this one.  Mine is a Weber too, just purchased locally.

So we dragged out our *coughfouryearoldcough* charcoal, and I mixed in new charcoal, and we grilled out!

It’s been lovely out lately, so we’re taking advantage of it before the mosquitoes come out.

Have you grilled out yet this year?  What do you like cooking?  Everything I produce is charred – do you have advice?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

2 thoughts on “Meet Andrew, Our Grill

  1. That was a cute but sad story, lol! We don’t grill, I just can’t get into it. It just easier for me to cook inside where all my spices and seasonings live. But if someone is grilling out, then I’m totally down! Gotta love that grill mark taste!

    1. I love how grilled food tastes, but we don’t have a lot of experience cooking it ourselves. The doneness is kind of hit or miss! 🙂

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