Oof! That Was Brisk!

For a few months now, we’ve been noticing that our hot water heater isn’t doing that great of a job.  It used to be that the shower turned all the way on was excruciating.  Now, my husband who likes his shower lukewarm turns it up all the way and it’s just right.

Which means that I’m fairly uncomfortable even at the hottest.   Cold water makes my joints ache, and I like it as hot as it goes.

We’ve been working around this by running the washer and dish washer before showering which seems to fix the issue.

We’d been putting off looking at it though because of all the car repairs.

Well, I stepped into the shower last weekend… and FROZE MY TUSH OFF.  It didn’t even TRY to be warm.  I shivered and shook and it was AWFUL.

So I went down and took a look at it.

It appears to be an electric heater, and it’s leaking, so that’s not great.  If it was just a heating element, I could repair it, but a leak?

That’s a death knoll.

So now we have ANOTHER expense on our plate!

Frustrating.  I’ve been showering at my parents’ for the moment.

Have you had to replace your water heater?  What type?  How expensive was it?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Oof! That Was Brisk!

  1. Ugh I feel for you, you can’t quite nail down how horrendous a cold shower is until you’ve had to endure one. Our hot water heater hasn’t ever leaked, but it caught on fire! We smelled smoke and went downstairs to check it. Black flame marks all over. I can’t remember how much it was to replace but it wasn’t fun. Good luck and at least you can get a hot shower somewhere!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you caught yours right away so it didn’t damage much else! It turns out ours is Electric, which makes it easier to replace, but it has metal pipes going in that my dad will have to help us manage.

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