Bunnies, You Are Not Subtle

I got out of my car recently, and about four bunnies jumped out of my garden and darted into the neighbor’s debris from cutting down their tree.

One of them ran to the end of the garage and turned the corner… but I could totally see its butt hanging out there.

So I ran/stomped over to it and spooked it off which revealed at least three MOAR BUNNIES.


Where did they even come from?!?

I looked over my plants, and they hadn’t gotten damaged much, but really.  Getting annoyed here.

So I went in the house and got Tundra.  Put him on a leash.

And we ran around the yard chasing terrified bunnies for about 15 minutes.  He could only go as fast as I could run, so we didn’t catch any, but he thought it was SO MUCH FUN.

Afterwards, I had him pee in a bunch of places.  (Which confused him, but he’s a good boy so he did.)

I tossed fur from his grooming bag around too in case that would help

So he had fun, and I had fun, but the bunnies had no fun at all.  *smile*

What do you do to deter rabbits in your garden?  I have a spray I make, so I’ll have to do some of it up.  What do they seem to like eating the most?  Inquiring minds want to know!

One thought on “Bunnies, You Are Not Subtle

  1. Uhg, devastating to have all your hard work jeopardized by the wildlife! You took all the actions so swiftly, hopefully they are done with your yard for a long while! Good Luck!

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