Allergy Shots May Be in My Future

I saw my primary case physician about my allergies, and she gave me a referral to UW Allergy in Madison.  Which is a hike, but still.

I had that appointment, and I have a new steroid inhaler aaaaaand… I will be having allergy shots!  I just have to set up the scheduling because I will have to have the first 12 once a week for 12 weeks.

Bad for my schedule, but workable.

So, this is exciting.  My mom had allergy shots when she was young and they made a huge difference in her allergies.

The doctor said he usually only sees people ask for allergy shots if they have someone they know who had them already.  I guess I fit that bill!

We’ll be doing everything EXCEPT wheat and cats.

Because I don’t eat wheat.

And because I never spend time around cats.

Seems fair.

Have you had allergy shots?  I’m so excited about this!  Did they work for you?  Or not?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Allergy Shots May Be in My Future

  1. I’ve never had these, but they sound like a pain in the butt! I’m glad you are excited about them though, and hope they help your quality of life! My husband and son suffer from allergies and I see how awful it can be to suffer through the attacks. Good luck Girl!

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