In the Shop Again

We just went and picked up my car from the shop AGAIN.  Right after we picked up my husband’s car!

My husband’s car’s crankshaft belt pulley ate the timing belt cover, but he heard the squealing, stopped immediately, and had it towed before it had a chance to reach the timing belt.  There’s $700 down the drain.

MY CAR then decided that, when you accelerate hard, it doesn’t want to shift into third.  I’m cringing as we bring it in – things are breaking faster than we can fix them, and we still haven’t been able to afford a water heater.

Turned out to be a sensor that had died, so that was only about $250.


We like you, but this is ridiculous.

The gentleman at the shop told us he didn’t want to see us for at least a month.

The cars have eaten a QUARTER of all of our income this year, not counting purchasing the new one.  We can pay all of our bills still, but there isn’t hardly anything left over!

When was your last car repair?  How bad was it?  Inquiring minds want to know that we’re not alone!