The Grump: All Good Mowers Come to an End

Originally written Jun 3, 2016, here’s a post from my dad!

Today was the last day for the ugly old red lawn tractor.

In 14 years, I’ve replaced just about everything except the ignition key on it. The list of failing parts is epic, and I’d already decided to nurse it along and replace it this fall.

Two weeks ago, the belt jumped off three times and the blades came loose once… I spent more time putting it back together than running it. I cut one finger and got a third-degree burn on my thumb.

I would gladly have pushed it into a ravine if one was deep enough to satisfy me; sadly, none on Earth are.

Last weekend the mower behaved and actually ran for two hours without breaking down.

Today, it threw the belt (again), had a blade loosen up (again), and then added to its repertoire: the bowl to the carburetor fell off, dumping gasoline onto the hot exhaust (a small but interesting fireball ensued), followed by the bowl bouncing to the ground to be rolled over by the spinning-down blades, which launched what was left of the bowl into orbit.

A new lawn tractor was on order about 20 minutes later.

— The Grump

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  1. LOLOLOLOL….. I also liked the one you posted from the Grump about the Running of the Squirrels.

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