Losing My Job

I hadn’t talked about this before, just thought about what would be appropriate to post.  I was definitely down the week I discovered this and didn’t want to say something stupid or too down.

I’ll be losing my job in September.  It was limited term employment, but they were expecting to renew.  Instead, office politics have ended the position.

This has NOTHING to do with the quality of my work.

I’ve been really unhappy about this because I love my job, and my coworkers are amazing.

I have a little bit of time though, and I’m looking at options.

I have a little bit of a safety net – I’m still in the Extended Eligibility stage of getting off disability, so I can ask for a benefit for a few months before that expires.

We’ve also reduced our finances to fit into just my husband’s income.  Which, yes, is a privilege.  Our housing is cheap enough ($340 mortgage a month with escrow) that we can manage this even with my student loans.  It will be VERY tight, but I’ve already enacted this budget and am tucking away my pay checks to help us in case sudden expenses come up.

We’re using You Need a Budget for our finance tracking, and I love this.  It lets you create a budget and track your expenses easily.  I chose not to have it auto update from my bank’s site – just a tad leery of giving out my login info.  But you can find it here. (NOT an affiliate link, just a site that is SUPER useful!)  I love this site, and the monthly fee is really small for the amount of use I get out of it!

But things will be shaky for a while.  Luckily, my website is paid through January of next year.  So you’ll keep hearing from me!

I mean, I have 335 posts up – I’ve been doing this for about 2 1/2 years, and I feel like I’ve shown that I can stick it out.

But… wish me luck?  This has been hugely stressful.  I applied at the DMV (my dad said I’m WAY too cheerful to work at the DMV), and for U.S. Census.  So, we’ll see!

What job seeking tips do you have?  When were you last looking for work?  Inquiring minds want to know!


2 thoughts on “Losing My Job

  1. Job Seeking Tip #1: Get in touch with local headhunters. Only deal with those that take their cut from the employer (not you). And then let them do a lot of heavy lifting for you.

    Also, speak with coworkers about your situation and keep an eye on the company’s list of open positions. You never know, I’ve seen people forced out of one job, only to suddenly find another one has opened in the same company.

    Best of luck. Hang in there…

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