You Left WHAT At My Door?

My husband came home the day before Christmas Eve, and he found a mysterious box on our front porch.

It was open, with a plastic shopping bag inside, and when I looked in there were these:


Yes, these are exactly what they look like.

Wooden clogs.

I’m guessing for Christmas, since some traditions still use them.

They’re very nice and sturdy, hand carved:


But here’s the thing – I didn’t expect any wooden clogs. I didn’t order any, and I didn’t ask for any, and I certainly hadn’t talked to anyone about them.  I don’t even know anybody who has or makes them.

We looked the box over again, and it had ‘Judy’ written in print on one side, and the lid had the address of a local nursing home.

I thought maybe someone working there had snagged a box and used it, so I called in.

Staff there were just as puzzled as we were but said we could drop them off.

So we did.

And now I’m wondering… if this was a Brownie gift, how badly am I cursed?  *wink*

Have you ever gotten strange packages?  Accidental deliveries?  Surprise gifts?  What is your best story?  Inquiring minds want to know!