FOUR HUNDRED Posts! *confetti*

I looked and realized that my last post was my FOUR HUNDREDTH POST!

Huzzah! *confetti*

I have been posting three times a week, every week, for two and half years, like clockwork.

I don’t necessarily have the most exciting posts, and I don’t have many readers, but I’m pretty proud of myself.  I’m always happy to look at my stats and see someone read a post today!

I started this for two reasons:

  1. To establish an author platform location and have it ready in case people look for me after I’ve published.
  2. To prove to myself that I could post regularly regardless of my health.

The first isn’t an issue yet, but the second I’ve achieved, and that’s awesome in my book.

Thank you for reading my posts~!

2 thoughts on “FOUR HUNDRED Posts! *confetti*

  1. Congratulations! This is a HUGE deal. (((BEAR HUGS)))) Discipline, strangely enough, is one of the major factors that will separate out those who will make it and those who won’t. I am SUPER PROUD of you! Secondly, you ASKED! Remember, all we can do is say, ‘No.’ So many have not because they ask not. You asked me to come by, so as soon as I felt well enough? Here I am 😀 .

    The next steps are to make sure that your content is getting better, that you are connecting with your audience so you can cultivate relationships with them. But what you’ve already done is BEYOND HUGE! You’re already a five percenter! I am honored to have you as a fan and thank you for blessing me with a comment on my blog. I can’t wait to see what more you will accomplish and am absurdly thrilled to have been a part of your success.

    You can do this!

    1. Thank you for coming to visit! Totally made my day!!!

      Your saying is one my mom always used with us, and I use this ALL the time with struggling customers because there really isn’t a naughty list for asking (for help in their case)! I also made a point, after reading one of your posts, to review the names of everyone I’d be seeing that day so that when they came in I could greet them by name. So, you’re chock full of good advice. 🙂

      I really, REALLY appreciate your blog posts even if they do seem to fall on deaf ears in the publishing world! So thank you for dropping by, and hopefully things will look up in the new year. 😀

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