Only The Best of People Mail Me Seeds – But What Type Are They?

If you’ve followed me at all, you know I love gardening, and you know I love picking out and buying seeds.

It’s amazing to get a packet in the mail and open it, and there’s SO MUCH PROMISE in those tiny little seeds!

Well, today I received a package in the mail.

I hadn’t ordered anything.

I opened it, and THERE WERE SEEDS!

It turns out, I mentioned I love gardening on the Book of Faces, and one of my husband’s aunts mailed me a couple cute packets to try growing!

Ya’ll, you KNOW how happy this made me.

There were seeds for a Silver Dollar Plant – it didn’t photograph well on one side, and the other side had personal info on it, so no photos.

There were seeds for Love-in-a-Puff:

DSCN4297 resize

When I looked these up, they seem like they might be edible?  Reports are conflicted.

And there was a package of unidentified seeds:

DSCN4301 resize

With the help of Google and the note on them, I’m pretty sure they’re Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds:

DSCN4299 resize

My handwriting is so sloppy compared to hers!

This one, I’m not sure about growing – Tundra tries to eat EVERYTHING I grow in my garden.  So I’m reluctant to grow anything poisonous.

But the others are interesting, and I usually don’t grow any type of flower unless it’s edible so that would be different.

So we’ll see come spring how this goes!

Thank you, SO MUCH for mailing these to me to my husband’s Aunt, and I’ll let you know how they grow!