How Do You Make Lemons Into Powder?

I love lemon flavored anything.


But I don’t really care for the extract flavor.  I usually keep lemon juice in the fridge, which is fine, but when I saw an interesting post on Food Storage Moms: How To Make And Use Lemon Powder, I was intrigued.

I usually follow them for interesting THE WORLD WILL END SAVE FOOD posts which are very reassuring when I’m paranoid about everything going downhill.

But this seemed like something I would actually do RIGHT NOW and could do easily.

I own a dehydrator:

DSCN4284 resize

Now, this is NOT a meat dehydrator – it doesn’t get hot enough, and there’s not a lot of temperature control.

But it’s perfect for lemons.  I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures in process!  The original post has some great ones so you can see how it works.

I sliced lemons thinly, laid them out without edges touching, and ran this dehydrator for about a day before I was satisfied they were dry enough.

Our house smelled AMAZING for the duration of this!  It was only when the smell started to dissipate that I was sure they were dry enough.

Then I threw them in the blender and made this:

DSCN4286 resize

The original article has some nummy suggestions for using it, and you KNOW I’ll be trying them out.

I tossed the finished product in my freezer in the hopes it would last longer than sitting on the counter.  Also, this keeps it out of reach of inquisitive puppies who think everything is tasty.

Spoiler: Tundra doesn’t actually like lemons.  He thinks he does when he’s begging, but the minute he tries one he LOATHES it.

Which is hilarious.

What type of things do you think I could use lemon powder for?  Have you made it before?  Do you have a dehydrator, and if so what do you dry in it?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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