Favorite Authors: Patricia Briggs

We’re all stuck in the house, and this is a great time to get some reading done.  And, if you don’t have anything in mind, I want to introduce you to my favorite Urban Fantasy author.

E-books are your friend, my friend.

So, meet Patricia Briggs.  You can find her work here on her official web page.

I’m reading her most recent release, ‘Smoke Bitten’, and I am LOVING IT:

DSCN4403 resize

The covers are gorgeous.  Just… gorgeous.  I want prints of them SO BADLY.

This is my, hands down, favorite Urban Fantasy series.  The main character, Mercy Thompson is half Native American and can change into a coyote.  (Not to be confused with Coyote.)  She is a massively under powered supernatural in a world of werewolves, vampires, and fae.

But she’s got guts and gumption and runs her own destiny, thank you.

I have EVERY book in these series as well as the books in her spin off.

Every. Single. One.

For proof, the first books in well worn softcover:

DSCN4405 resize

The rest of the series in hardback, which look nice, but that’s because I take the covers off when I read them:

DSCN4406 resize

And then her spin off with an Omega wolf:

DSCN4404 resize


It’s my go-to series when I’m down, and I’m considering a reread!  What books are your go to during this period of being house bound?  What’s your favorite Urban Fantasy series?  Inquiring minds want to know!