Green Growing Things!

My closet garden (not to be confused with a Lady Garden) has sprouted plants in nearly every glow-in-the-dark pot now!

Here’s an overview:

DSCN4407 resize

So exciting!

They’re so frail, these little seedlings, but I’m really excited they’re growing at all!


I can NEVER get Rosemary to grow, but here it is:

DSCN4408 resize

I’m so happy!  A lot of what I’m growing is different types of basil and tomatoes, and a few types of mint.  I threw in some other fun ones, of course.  Nearly all of them were ordered from Baker Creek.  It looks like they’re closed due to high demand though.

Waiting for spring is so much fun!

What have you started so far this year?  What are you waiting to plant?  Do you have favorites you grow every year?  Inquiring minds want to know!  And by ‘inquiring minds’, I mean me of course.  *smile*