Huzzah and Hey Hooray! Finished My Write In Today!

I’ve spent the last three months or so writing in revisions on my current work in progress.  I was somewhat delayed by the Corona Virus – I spent so much time stressing and watching the numbers climb that every time my husband caught me doing it, we sat down and played Guild Wars 2.

Fun, but not helpful for my novel.

Well, today I finished the last of the write in.

Here it is:

DSCN4453 resize

And take a look how thick it is:

DSCN4454 resize

Now it’s time to type it in and send it to one of my friends for review.  She’s FANTASTIC at tying things together in my writing and for bouncing ideas off of.  I have a short list of problems I haven’t been able to resolve yet, so I’m hoping she can help me with them.

And thank you SO MUCH to my two Alpha Readers.  You saw this book at it’s worst and helped me immensely.