My Tomatoes Have Gotten Out of Hand

I planted everything I wanted to start inside in what I thought were decent sized glow-in-the-dark pots, thinking that they would be about ready to plant by the beginning of May.


Yeah, no, the tomatoes had their own plans in mind.  They vastly outgrew their pots, so I had to re-pot them before their roots bound… or they tipped over.

Here’s a look at the closet as it stands right now with the new pots.  A bit crowded, but what can you do?

DSCN4457 resize

Yes, I plant in my closet.  It’s the only safe place to permanently set up the grow light and know that the dog won’t disturb them.  That said, I’m sure the local police look at my grow light summoning aliens in the evening and wonder.

The fake Terracotta pots were the ONLY pots I could find at Tractor Supply, and I really didn’t want to go more places than we absolutely had to.

Actually, that’a fun note.  I walked inside… and pretty much everything but the register was GONE.




But staff assured me that they were just having the floors redone this week.  Bad for my heart!

And a look at the tomatoes.  The grape tomatoes I planted last year did well, so I planted them again this year:

DSCN4458 resize

They were the largest by far.  Beside them are the yellow grape tomatoes I received as an extra on my seed order.  I didn’t take a separate photo of them though.  All of my seeds were from Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seeds.  LOVE THEM!  There has been a run on seeds, so if you hit their site and they’re closed for orders, just wait a few days and try again.

The blueberry tomatoes did well too:

DSCN4460 resize

But ‘Brad’s Atomic Tomatoes’ seem frail.  They’re the ones I am most excited about, and they were iffy before they were replanted and now are a bit sad:

DSCN4461 resize

And just for fun, my biggest basil:

DSCN4462 resize

And I couldn’t resist picking up some sweet mint from Tractor Supply while I was there to add to my mint collection:

DSCN4463 resize

Have you started your plants indoors?  How are they doing so far?  What do you intend to plant this year?  Inquiring minds want to know!