My Cherry Trees Have BLOSSOMS!

I started planting fruit trees on our property in 2015, starting with apricots. 2016, apple trees. 2018, Nanking Cherry bushes. 2020 American Plum.

I’ve been planting, but none of them have ever blossomed, which has been a huge disappointment. Well, the apples came with blossoms but never produced after we planted them.

This year the cherry trees have blossoms!

DSCN4466 resize

Look at how pretty they are!  I’ll have to invest in bird netting – last year the birds ate all my blueberries before I could have any.

I’m really excited – these are only the first few blooms, there are dozens of buds on them.

Winter, you hear that?  DON’T KILL MY CHERRY BLOSSOMS.

Do you have blooms yet this spring? What plants have you been hoping for but just haven’t produced? Inquiring minds want to know!