ITJFU: LavenderTowne YouTuber + XP-Pen

Today’s spotlight is on LavenderTowne’s adorable YouTube Channel and Comic on Tapas.

She’s soft spoken and upbeat, and her artwork is both stylized and adorable. I LOVE the way she changes the shape of the pupil in her characters’ eyes to reflect how they’re feeling, what they’re doing, the general situation – it’s so cute!

She does quite a few videos where she takes X object or situation and turns it into cute girls.

Her about page:

Hi! I’m Haley. I draw comics and character designs and midway through art school I accidentally became a Youtuber! 🌟If you like cartoony art and creepy redesigns I’m your girl.


I love that her artwork feel accessible to me – I look at it and I can see how she does it and feel that I could do something similar.

I love her colorwork too – she focuses on colors with saturations that complement each other, and her shading is lovely. She uses a blur sometimes on it, and she highlights, and all of her works look so polished!

She also talks about attending art school and the pros and cons of that. Based on what she covers, I’m glad I didn’t go – it’s not really my scene, it’s’ expensive, and the way the teachers disdain stylized artwork (anime, manga, comics) would have really upset me.

And based on one of her reviews, I’m coveting drawing tablets from someone OTHER than Wacom. Shocking, I know! For over a decade I’ve felt like Wacom was the ONLY tablet worth getting.

But she did some reviews and comparison videos, and now I’m coveting this:

It’s AFFORDABLE, and it’s affordable enough that if it’s not so great, it isn’t the end of the world.

But who am I kidding?

This one is the one I really want:

The price makes it cost prohibitive, especially given I haven’t tried one of their tablets yet.

But I can covet, right?

If you have some spare time, I’d suggest going over and taking a look at LavenderTowne’s pages!