ITJFU: GinjaNinjaOwO YouTuber

There has both been a ton of stressful things going on in my life that I can’t talk about yet and nothing of interest otherwise. Thus, this week will be Interesting Things Just for You posts.

The first is GinjaNinjaOwO on YouTube. She’s an animator and artist with cute illustrations, a super cute representation of herself, and a comic on Tapas.

Her about page:

Hello howdy hey hi there, I’m Rea! (Short for Reagan, pronounced like Ray) I’m an animator who works both freelance and my own animation studio. (Business email below!) Here you’ll find episodes of my comic dubs, animated shorts I’ve made or directed, storytime animatics, etc! I’m currently working towards saving up enough income to produce the first official animated web series of my studio, so I try my best to upload twice a week! “Bigger” uploads are on saturdays, and every thursday I post speedpaints with narration. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’re looking to hire me or my studio for freelance projects, or if you maybe have a service you think you could provide to my content and are interested in working together!


She’s sincere and charming, and watching her channel has been hugely relaxing for me. If you have a moment, I’d suggest taking a look at her channel.

That’s all for today! Hope ya’ll are doing okay, and I’d love to hear what artists you adore!