ITJFU: Angel Ganev YouTuber

Another YouTube artist! You’d almost think I spent a lot of time the last few weeks sitting on YouTube or something.


Yes, that’s totally what I was doing.

This one is Angel Ganev, and his channel is a little different than the others.

He’s a fantastic artist, and he’s good at teaching and breaking down art techniques. You can even follow him on Patreon for more content and sign up and pay for personalized lessons.

His artwork is GORGEOUS.

But before you go scuttling over to sign up, let’s be frank.

He’s a jerk.

I know 90% of this is his ‘YouTube persona’, and I don’t know how he is in person or in emails or such, but on his channel he’s abrasive.

I would seriously question my sanity if I ever sent him a piece to critique.

And people DO. They DO send him art to critique, and then he roasts it on his channel.

It would be impossible for me to deal with, but he’s RIGHT. His advice is ON POINT and hugely helpful.

Even if he’s being a jerk about it.

So I have mixed feelings. I love watching his how to artwork explanations, but I cringe at his roast videos.

Take a look though. He might be someone you’d enjoy watching! And if you have any channels you enjoy watching, I’d love to hear about them. *smile*