Who Would Sink So Low?!?

A friend of the family went into hospice this year and passed away. It was a whole debacle involving an estranged son and conflict and just, UGH.

That’s not the story though.

The friend passed, and the son was supposed to clear out her apartment.

He took his time about it, and when he finally went…

It was cleared out.

Someone had stolen everything but the big furniture. Jewelry boxes, gone of course. They had even gone in the back room entirely full of stored tubs and taken them all.

What was in them? No one knows.

So the son came in to clean and found that someone had beat him there.

He was enraged.

He called my mother and frothed at her, but mom had her hip replaced. I’ll tell you this – she was not in any condition to clear out an apartment.

She told him to call the police, which I’ll assume he’s done. My parents blocked his number, so hopefully we’ve heard the last of it.

But who is so low they steal from a dying woman?!?