Oh, Glee!

There are few things as an adult more thrilling than getting cleaning equipment!

I jest, but I am really, REALLY happy with my new vacuum.

First of all though, apologies for not having a Friday post this last week. I wrote it. I scheduled it. I scheduled it for the 15th instead of the 8th… so whoops!

On subject, our house is a continuous sea of dog fur. Tundra is a malamute mix, and while they say he only blows his coat twice a year but… it seems like he’s always shedding.

And it gets ahead of us pretty quickly.

We have a standard vacuum cleaner, a curb find from my mother-in-law which works just fine on rugs, but isn’t good on wood floor and is too heavy for me to lift easily.

So, I looked at approximately six MILLION reviews, but it finally boiled down to this: what do I want it to do, how much am I willing to spend, and how upset will I be if it’s terrible.

It doesn’t have to be the best. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It just has to be good enough.

I decided on this one:

You can find it here on Amazon.

A look at the canister:

It has no bag, and we empty the canister straight into the garbage.

There are a variety of doodads that you can use:

The silver part extends quite a bit too.

Complaints? It overheats quickly, but that just means I do half the house, take a break, and then do the other half of the house.

You have to empty it frequently because dog fur is fluffy and a pain, but it works perfectly well for what I need.

What is your favorite adulting purchase? How do you decide on what to purchase? Inquiring minds want to know!