Purging Old Hobbies

I've started on cleaning the basement which is absolutely chock full of stuff. The majority of it is supplies for things I used to enjoy doing but haven't done in a decade. My husband has stuff in there too - he moved directly from his parents' house into the house we purchased. His mom was … Continue reading Purging Old Hobbies

Cleaning House

I discovered the world of vacuum sealed laundry and am packaging up all of my big linens that have been taking up space so I can store them in the basement. The bags came with a pump, but I have a vacuum cleaner that worked much better and much faster. I tried to initially use … Continue reading Cleaning House

Oh, Glee!

There are few things as an adult more thrilling than getting cleaning equipment! I jest, but I am really, REALLY happy with my new vacuum. First of all though, apologies for not having a Friday post this last week. I wrote it. I scheduled it. I scheduled it for the 15th instead of the 8th... … Continue reading Oh, Glee!