Who Doesn’t Need a Faraday Cage?

You may have seen articles about 5G conspiracy theorists buying special cases to protect their routers from 5G… and then being outraged that their routers don’t work.

(The first article I saw on the topic.)

I’ll admit it.

I’m awful.

I laughed.

And then I promptly sent an email to my family with the joke… and the fact that I actually do want a Faraday cage for my End of the World paranoia.

This, unironically.

I am TERRIFIED of losing my novels and digitally stored artwork. I have them backed up on flash drives, in the cloud, in hard drives in a Faraday tin… the works. But I still worry that I’ll lose them!

I mean, lose your first two novels to a magnet on a floppy disc once and you never quite recover.

So, Christmas rolls around, and I had THE BEST present from my parents.

First, the note:

I was laughing before I even opened the box.

And the first peek – they’re slippery and very, very shiny:

Sooooooo shiny!

There’s three of them, they’re big enough to easily fit my laptop, and they’re a good brand.

You can find some of them here… just in case you’re interested. *wink*

2 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Need a Faraday Cage?

  1. We thought you’d like it. Protect your stuff!! especially your novels that you’ve written!

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