Wolf Children: Our Valentine’s Day Movie

My husband and I tend to have quiet Valentine’s Day celebrations. Going out is a pain, not to mention frowned upon currently, and I can spend my money on wiser things than an expensive dinner and movie.

Instead, this year we stayed home and made Lo Mein, and we watched this movie:

You can find it on Amazon here.

The premise is that a woman falls in love with a wolf man, has two children with him, but he tragically dies and she is stuck with limited resources and two toddlers that periodically turn into puppies and destroy things.

The romance is sweet, and I teared up when they found his body.

And she is a really good Mom! She does everything she can to take care of her children, even moving to the countryside where they will be safer. The whole movie is her struggle to do her best by them and by her husband’s memory.

The whole movie is slow paced, but we really enjoyed it.

How did your Valentine’s Day go? What traditions do you have? Inquiring minds want to know!