2nd Covid Shot Done!

I had my second Covid shot last Thursday! It was the pfizer one.

The guy who did the shot… was not a nurse. He moved the needle while it was in my arm, and I have a quarter sized bruise there.

Sore arm the first day.

The second day, I spiked a fever of ~100, and I had miserable full body aches. I did attend a family event (because I wasn’t contagious or actually sick really), but I ended up sleeping on the couch. It was exhausting.

The second day the fever dropped, and I was still having body aches, but I felt better if exhausted. I did manage errands.

Sunday, I was clearer headed – I hadn’t realized how fuzzy I had been until I wasn’t, and I had more energy so cleaned house.

So, that’s checked off, and now it’s hope I build up a resistance to the virus!

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